Youth Programs Committee


To promote dressage to young equestrians while providing for the future of the sport.


  1. Provide educational opportunities.
  2. Provide recognition programs.
  3. Increase number of junior/young rider participants.
  4. Promote sportsmanship at the junior/young rider level.


  1. Promote and conduct USDF Youth Outreach Clinics.
  2. Continue to promote USDF Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Finals.
  3. Continue outreach to GMOs to include youth in their programs.
  4. Promote and encourage participation in USDF Youth Team Competitions.
  5. Promote and encourage participation in Youth Dressage Rider Recognition Pin Program.
  6. Continue to publish youth eNewsletter in order to keep youth members informed of programs offered.
  7. Conduct a survey of our youth members (21 and under) about what programs they would like for USDF to offer, how they would prefer that we communicate with them about programs and deadlines, etc.
  8. Explore opportunities that engage the younger generation in the governance structure of USDF and the sport.
  9. Evaluate the purpose and structure of the Youth Programs Sub-Committee.