Clinic Opportunities

  • What is it? These clinics introduce youth members to the USDF "youth pipeline" and the opportunities it offers.
  • Format: Held in conjunction with the USDF FEI Youth Clinic Series, includes a day of auditing and a day of private riding lessons.
  • Rider Criteria: Age 10-21, open to riders Training Level and above (must be able to complete a Training Level test).
  • What is it? Stepping stone in the youth pipeline, including a "talent search" element
  • Format: Two-day clinic includes private lessons with a top instructor, theory sessions, and auditing opportunities.
  • Rider Criteria: Dedicated dressage riders age 14 to 21. Riders age 12-14 competing in FEI Pony or FEI Children classes. Consideration is given to U25 riders as space permits.
  • Provides strategic guidance and educational opportunities to athletes under the age of 25
  • Led by USEF Dressage Youth Coach George Williams
  • This Program is proudly sponsored and supported by Discover Dressage.