Breeder of Distinction Award Application


  • “Breeder” is the person or entity listed on a horse’s official breed registry papers as defined by the breed registry. A change in the name of the recorded breeder can only be authorized or performed as an official entry on the registration paper, by the registry that issued the paper.
    • Must have official breed registry papers on file for all relevant horses at the time of application.
    • Scores earned during a horse’s status as a current year foal, in which a certificate or letter of eligibility is provided by a breed registry, will count as long as the certificate or letter of eligibility is on file with USDF. After January 1 of a horse’s yearling year, it will be necessary for horses to have breed or performance registry papers on file with USDF for scores to remain eligible.
  • No membership requirements at the time the scores are earned.
  • Eligible scores must come from classes in which all USDF eligibility requirements were met for competition.
  • Breeder must have a current USDF Group, Participating, or Business Membership, at the time of application. If required memberships are not in place by program application deadlines, the application will not be processed and the award(s) will not be awarded in that calendar year.
  • Awards will be presented at the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention.


  1. Please do not submit a USDF Breeder of Distinction Award application until all score requirements have been met.
  2. Please review the Breeder of Distinction Award rules and requirements as listed on this page, or in the USDF Member Guide. Questions?
  3. You are not required to submit copies of scoresheets.
  4. To locate your USDF number, click here.
  5. Submission of a USDF Breeder of Distinction Award application does not guarantee the award will be issued. The USDF office verifies that all award requirements have been met.
  6. USDF members with questions as to whether they have met all requirements for USDF Breeder of Distinction Awards may contact USDF for verification, or verify scores earned via

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