Sport Horse Committee


To foster and advance the breeding and development of the highest quality dressage sport horses and to promote a strong foundation for the dressage sport horse development pipeline in the United States.


  1. To educate breeders, owners, buyers, handlers, trainers, and judges about the ideals of both dressage sport horse prospects and breeding stock. 
  2. Encourage and acknowledge the efforts of USDF-member breeders in producing the highest quality dressage sport horse.
  3. Provide dressage sport horse competition management, owners, and breeders with competition guidelines and opportunities.
  4. Promote USDF horse recordings and tracking of competition results.
  5. Nurture and develop future generations for the dressage sport horse breeding industry.
  6. Review and update all proposed USDF sport horse scoresheets and instruction documents.


  1. Implement the Three-Year-Old Sport Horse Prospect Award at all USDF Breeders Championship Series Finals - advertising campaign in early 2018 will help promote this program.
  2. Hold a USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum in the fall of 2018. If a suitable situation can be established, the Sport Horse Committee will recommend a west coast location.
  3. USDF Youth/Young Adult Dressage Sport Horse Breeders Seminar or USDF Judges/Handler Seminar (Devon) will be planned for 2018.
  4. Establish and plan the 2018 USDF Sport Horse Seminar.
  5. Implement the USDF Youth/Young Adult Ambassador Program.
  6. Develop criteria for Adult Amateur/Handler of the Year Awards.
  7. Continue to develop the Four-Year-Old Prospect Division.
  8. Develop procedures for materiale classes that have more than six horses entered.
  9. Evaluate if the Four/Five-Year-Old Materiale Series Final Championship should be split by age.
  10. Evaluate concept of Open handler class.