USEF Rule Changes

Beginning in 2019, USEF changed the process for submitting rule change proposals and feedback. USDF will be actively seeking member feedback on rule change proposals already in the USEF “system” as well as rule change proposals that are in “draft” form, allowing members the opportunity to provide feedback at the very early stages of the process.

As part of our ongoing effort to educate members, USDF is dedicated to making this rule change page a resource for information on new rules, the rule change proposal process, approval process, and other helpful information regarding rules affecting dressage.

You can view rule changes that are approved by the US Equestrian Board of Directors during their meetings. The complete USEF Rulebook can be found here.

You can view rule changes that are in their draft form here.

Below are active Standard rule changes that are under consideration by the USEF Board of Directors.

Tracking # Rule Reference Description View Proposal
023-20 GR1 Recognized affiliate View
018-20 GR127.3 Mules View
034-20 GR302.1 License modification View
017-20 GR315 Mileage View
022-20 GR315 Mileage View
010-20 GR411.1 Medication Report forms View
011-20 GR501 Measurement View
021-20 GR901 Prize lists View
014-20 GR1005.5 Foreign judges View
040-20 GR1039.6 AHA Dressage classes View
020-20 GR1108.6 Measurement View
042-20 GR1212.1 Prize lists/results View
032-20 GR1215 Temporary stabling View
012-20 GR1306.3 Amateur status View
031-20 GR1306.4 Amateur status View
072-20 DR121 Bitless bridles View
DR129.9 Musical Freestyle rides View
DR133 Dressage Seat Equitation View

The complete list of all approved and current active proposed USEF rules changes can be viewed on the USEF website through the link below.  Questions regarding USEF rules can be directed here.

Active USEF Rule Changes