Lifetime Registered Horses Not Declared For the All-Breeds Program

Horses that are currently NOT in the All-Breeds Award Program

This list includes USDF Lifetime registered horses with at least one score for the current competition year, which do not have a declaration for the All-Breeds award program. This list is in alphabetical order by horse name, as registered with USDF, and is updated daily.

If you wish to have your horse removed from this list, please contact

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Horse Name / Primary Breed Owner / Lessee Zip Breed Registries Papers
on File
1143222 Napoleon /
William Fiorentino 35757 Not On Record No
1140422 Napoleon LXXXIV /
Pura Raza Espanola
Mary Gleason 12009 ANCCE - Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Espanola Yes
1117141 Native Blue /
Kathleen Gruss 22935 International Sporthorse Registry/Oldenburg NA Yes
1143900 Nautica /
Sheila Palmer 35749 Not On Record No
1085944 Navarre /
Iberian Warmblood Cross
Megan Mello 03909 Not On Record No
1135701 Navarres Melody /
Andalusian Cross
Joy Switzer 64083 Not On Record No
1132394 Nea's Donnerelfe /
Kimberly Powell 33418 Not On Record No
1135498 Negro Veneziano /
German Riding Pony
Constance Meredith 78003 Not On Record No
1122589 Nestor /
Danish Warmblood
Melody Welsh 40014 Not On Record No
1138805 Nevada Sky /
Dutch Warmblood Cross
Anne-Berry Wade 27527 Not On Record No
1143653 Nia Domo’s Evita /
Dutch Riding Pony Cross
Amelia Vann 95746 Not On Record No
1121958 Nickels And Dimes /
Quarter Horse Cross
Robin Petrasek 21771 Not On Record No
1124277 Night Music /
Regina Mueck 29712 Not On Record No
1141795 Nikita /
Half Arabian
Gloria Barrera 77355 Not On Record No
1143399 Nirvana Lights Out PF /
Half Arabian
Jennifer Tobie 85262 Not On Record No
1127956 Nitro /
Parvin Work 53146 American Trakehner Association Yes
1143558 No Doubt /
Elizabeth Jenkins 92504 Not On Record No
1129170 Noerregaards Shiva /
Danish Warmblood
Katja Gwin 75206 Not On Record No
1097557 Norra /
German Riding Pony
Heather Decent 98332 Not On Record No
1104458 Notaris /
Dutch Warmblood
Caryl Stephens 32643 Not On Record No
1090011 Notorio Novio /
Victoria Frontiere 89148 Not On Record No
1141105 Notre Dame /
Jennifer Van De Loo 38635 Not On Record No
1134255 Novio VI /
Pura Raza Espanola
Anne Chauvet 85260 Not On Record No
1129466 NSS Fletcher /
Dutch Warmblood
Nancy Schmidt 08081 Not On Record No
1135877 NSS Johnny Bravo /
Theresa Schwanke 94568 Not On Record No
1144335 NTEC Classico /
Kai Handt 75098 Not On Record No
1143031 NTEC Crescendo /
Kai Handt 75098 Not On Record No
1141589 NTEC Fallstaff /
Kai Handt 75098 Not On Record No
1104769 NTEC Hans /
Kai Handt 75098 Not On Record No
1134371 NTEC Quintus /
Samantha Farrow 75495 Not On Record No
1090916 NTEC Winterstern /
Heidi Dewing 76247 Not On Record No
1101219 Nymphenburg's Sylvester /
Beatrix Leffingwell 60046 Not On Record No